3 Strategies to Get Students Talking in Math Classrooms

Math teachers often focus on having students complete problems in writing, rather than talking through their thought processes. However, if students are not talking and explaining in math class, they are not truly understanding. Luckily, there are some routines that can be implemented in math classrooms to increase student voice. The routines discussed here are […]

Using Positive Feedback in Math Classrooms

If you were a “good” math student, your teacher may have filled your papers with a checkmark next to each correct answer. But handing back “perfect work” with a slew of checkmarks is a missed opportunity for math teachers. Every time we provide a student with feedback, we have a chance to send a message. […]

3 Grading Practices That Should Change

Moving Away From Traditional Practices 1. Averaging scores over time: Most grade books average scores over time. We teach for a semester and evaluate students at different intervals. For a student who comes in with strong skills, this feels like a fine practice. But think about this scenario: Marisa came to class with super-strong skills […]

Learning Math by Seeing It as a Story

I had always hated math. Now I suddenly found myself teaching trigonometry. I was an English teacher in Chicago Public Schools with certification in special education, and when my school was facing a shortage of certified special education teachers, I was pulled in mid-year to co-teach a junior-level trigonometry class with the math teacher. My […]