Deliberately Planning Play for Learning

Play-based learning is used a lot in the educational community, especially in the early childhood years. But what exactly does it mean? There’s no doubt that children need time to just be children and to play without boundaries or expectations. However, play can also be guided by the teacher in meaningful ways. This is where […]

A Project-Based Approach to Teaching Elementary Science

Close George Lucas Educational Foundation Menu Topics Videos Our Mission Sign Up Search There has been an error with the video. George Lucas Educational Foundation New research reveals that when science, reading, and math come together in rigorous hands-on projects, student collaboration, engagement, and achievement can soar.   February 21, 2021 View transcript Share This […]

Connecting Math and Science to Reading and Writing

In high school math, where there has been a longstanding focus on calculus as a STEM-track prerequisite, the notion of emphasizing statistics and data literacy instead—which many educators say are more useful skills in the modern era—is the subject of ongoing debate. “So much public policy research on topics like health care, the environment, taxes, […]

How a Literacy-First Program Revived a School

Four second-grade boys at Concourse Village Elementary School in the Bronx are lying on a rug, kicking their legs in the air as gentle saxophone music plays over a classroom speaker. But their teacher, Mr. Lozada, doesn’t tell them to sit up straight or stop wiggling: They can wiggle all they want, as long as […]