Teaching Students to Evaluate Websites

Perceptive adults and savvy students know that saying something doesn’t make it a fact, and neither does publishing information on the internet. But how to know which websites are sharing accurate information? As middle and high school students conduct research or access the internet on their own time, they need to be able to determine […]

Exploring Environmental Issues Outside of Science Classes

Fires. Floods. Heat waves. Drought. Hurricanes. From an environmental science (ES) perspective, this past summer was like none other, with headline after headline detailing the climate reality that, like it or not, we are living with. In the midst of news stories detailing unprecedented flooding in New York and firestorms across the American West, the […]

Creating a Student-Run Museum in Your Classroom

The standard school field trip often includes an outing to a museum, but a new resource provides guidance on how to bring a museum into the classroom. As part of the Mobile Museum Project, the Royal Holloway, University of London, and the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens teamed up to create a Curating a school museum: […]