How to Design Better Tests, Based on the Research

Yet a third group was stupefied, questioning the teacher’s ability to write good questions. “Think the person who came up with that question really doesn’t know how an orchestra works!” the Wexford Sinfonia Orchestra tweeted. It’s a trick question, Longmoor admitted, one designed to keep her students on their toes, echoing a common sentiment among […]

8 Quick Checks for Understanding

Using formative assessments designed to check for understanding and provide students with feedback and support is one of the most effective ways to improve and enhance student learning. Yet because of the need to cover large amounts of information and develop many skills, teachers may not take time checking to make sure students understand a concept or […]

7 Ways to Do Formative Assessments in Your Virtual Classroom

Pen-and-paper pop quizzes are no more: thumbs-up/thumbs-down, hand signals, online polls, discussion boards, and chat boxes have become the new mainstays of formative assessments in virtual classrooms. These quick pulse checks help teachers make sure that students are grasping key concepts—and identify holes in their understanding. “Good teachers in every subject will adjust their teaching […]