How Literature Can Enhance Math and Science

Many of my students are surprised by how much I love to read. I hear, “But you’re the math and science teacher!” and “Why don’t you just teach reading?” I always explain that the way we divide subjects in school doesn’t exist in the real world. In everyday life, we don’t separate our time into […]

Incorporating Robotics Across the Curriculum

Content and elective teachers looking to incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as well as computer science (CS) into their curriculum can consider robots and robotics while still keeping the instructional focus of their class. For example, to enhance a literature lesson, students can represent the journey of literary characters through programmed robots. In […]

A Month-to-Month Guide to Interdisciplinary Instruction

Revision and organization are essential parts of schoolwork but can be challenging for both teachers and students. I teach English, and a few years ago, my social studies colleague and I developed a portfolio process that shows students the value of revision and the power of organization by integrating technology. By providing opportunities and specific […]

How Math and English Teachers Encourage Civic Engagement

Is high school civics class the only place where your students build the skills and knowledge to become engaged, informed citizens? If so, they’re missing rich and relevant learning opportunities in other content areas. In math, students can investigate the geometry of gerrymandering or analyze the accuracy of graphs of vaccination rates. In English, literature […]

Using the Election as a Teaching Tool

On November 9, 2016, I walked into my math and science classroom and met students who were experiencing a wide range of emotions regarding the outcome of the election. I opted to teach that day by not only analyzing votes and electoral data but also asking students to write about their understanding of the election. […]

Learning Math by Seeing It as a Story

I had always hated math. Now I suddenly found myself teaching trigonometry. I was an English teacher in Chicago Public Schools with certification in special education, and when my school was facing a shortage of certified special education teachers, I was pulled in mid-year to co-teach a junior-level trigonometry class with the math teacher. My […]

Using Science to Bring Literature to Life

Too often when we consider how to connect science and literacy, we think about using literature to support science. Maybe it’s reading a fictional book with a science theme, or exploring a biography of a famous scientist. But we could instead turn that around and use science experiments as a way of bringing literature to life. […]