Setting Up a Disability-Inclusive Curriculum

As a person with a disability, I (Nikhil) have grown up surrounded by nondisabled figures in the media and in my daily life. As I get closer to reaching adulthood, I’ve become increasingly aware of the lack of representation of people like me who live with disability every day. While schools make accommodations to the […]

A Simple, Effective Framework for PBL

Teachers trying their hand at project-based learning (PBL) may be uncertain as to how to strengthen their project ideas and make them the best possible learning experiences for students. For teachers without access to training, a research-informed framework for PBL and a few strategies for defining and organizing the student experience can considerably improve outcomes. […]

3 Keys to Evolving as a Lifelong Learner

If there is one phrase that is most universal in teacher-prep programs, it’s probably “lifelong learner.” And it’s true—when we head off to our first teaching assignment, we are not finished learning by a long shot. In fact, the journey is just beginning. But what we don’t often hear is that part of being a […]